Monday, June 29, 2009

Go Skateboard Day NYC 2009

June 27 2009 MADNESSS!!! As always...Cottle and I took a drive down to Black Diamond Mountain Sports, a shop in Moorestown NJ. They were having a "Skatefest". We checked out the scene,hooked them up with a grip of schwag and started making our way back up to BK to hit up KCDC for the culmination of go skate day. The scene was craze. Hundreds of kids lining the streets skating and waiting for what else????....... FREE SHIT as they were screaming as we were about to toss product off the roof of KCDC. Thats right the roof. Id say a good 4 stories high we proceeded to throw tees glasses decks of cards and decks. WOW. Safe... I think not. Fun.... I think so. It was awesome. You better stand strong in a NY product toss. Youll get punched in the face from some kid trying to snatch that board you just caught. Hit up the BQE spot after well quick then caught a dope shot of the most amazing skyline ever..

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