Friday, May 29, 2009

Wednesdays with Reda

Im on that piece. Part one. Only for a second. So what!!!!

King of Spring 09

Uptown Baby. On April 18,2009 the King of Spring returned but this time in Harlem. The first super nice day of summer brought out a huge crowd. The set up was similar to past Rooftop Rampage event and so was the madness.Huge turn out. Big names in the house. Lots of money tossed out.


Helped out in the new corporate offices in Montreal.

Special Sauce Grand Opening Gala

Special Sauce grand opening party for the Huntington store. Swanky preparty. Sloshy after party. Big turnout. Its always great having a gathering like this. It brings out faces you havent seen in a long time. Good times had by all.

A Long but Triumphant 3 Weeks

Its been a bit since an update here. Travels for work have had me away from home for 3 weeks. Its been very gratifying and successful. Cali for Spring 10 product launch. Fly to Denver for 6 days. BC Surf and Sport Remote Protec Pool party event. 2 days later Fresh 23 fashion show. Fly home next day Special Sauce grand opening party. 3 days later off to Montreal to help with the visuals in the new corporate offices.
Stay tuned for the Go Skateboard Day Long Island(June 21) flyer.