Friday, May 8, 2009

A Concrete Park on Long Island?? WHATTTTTT

Its true and its going to be started and finished within the next couple of months. A few of us went to the Huntington Town Hall yesterday for a meeting and rap out session with the designer of the park to give him our 2 cents to tweek things and make the flow of the park the best it can be which I might say is going to be pretty friggin sick. It is going to be located in the town of Greenlawn. Im not. gonna lie I expected there to be mad heads out for this, being such a monumentous day for Long Island skateboarding. So when you get a plan you might not be too fond of....suck it.

1 comment:

  1. over all park looks dope!
    could do away with the no skate zone? or at least have it outside of the park not in it. Over vert always seems a bit ridiculous to me as well, how much loot goes into one of those compared to how much it gets skated and who can actually utilize it???
    Whats the cost on this puppy?