Monday, July 27, 2009

Vans Coastal Edge Block Party Virginia Beach

The 2nd annual Vans x Coastal Edge block party took place this weekend. Always an awesome time when fellow Vans employees come out from the West coast to show love. Mr Dave Durfey our New England VM came and swooped me up and the drive began. Random run in with Denny(one of our reps)on the road. Stopped and chatted for a second. Fun event, lots of people. Team signing from Cardiel, Alva, Massimo Cavadoni and even Rowley. Cards playing dice games with people, Rowley playing games of skate in confined spaces with kids. Fashion show, mini ramp, music, brrrrs, a dude with a fake back tat that says hottie = Good times!!

Kids these days. Warped Minds and Sense of Fashion

We had the Warped Tour here on LI on July 18th. Stopped by for a little bit to check out the scene. Saw one of the most positive hard working people Mr. Bob Provost who works on the events side for Vans.
Interesting scenes; Lack of clothing, Body paint messages, medical tent filled with crying little girls, random cameo from Little Jon, and 3OH3. You guys might have just picked up 2 new fans.
challah atcha boy girl?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


YES YES. Today I turn 30. Pretty siked about this actually. Feeling good Feeling great. Fresh dressed feeling like a million bucks.

Monday night bowling

Stones and Bones. Back on the lanes. Its been a while since I have been in a bowling league. For some of you that dont know, I used to be an avid bowler since I was around 4. Leauges, Tournaments the whole shabang. Your reading a blog from the 1991 New York State Champion right here. Thats right. So I guess bowling is like riding a bike for me. Sometimes you hit a bump in the road but most of the time its flowy. Kids got a 220 average right now. Not to shabby. Call me Sargent Striker. So siked to be bowling again.

4th of July Beach Bums and Fireworks

4th of July is one of my favorite days of the year. Big fan of fireworks. Ask me what my favorite smell is. The smell of fireworks. The day started off with good friends and relaxation at the beach for like 5 hours. Cruised back to Lisa and Stevens house for a little BBQ then off to see the fireworks in the city. If youve never done this before get ready for insanity. The streets are mobbed with thousands of people. Not for people with social anxieties. After the fireworks we went and partied at the Maritime hotel. A great day!!!

PA all day amish friends and farms

Just did a 5 day trip all over PA all the way to Pittsburgh. Man is it far away. Lots of driving. Great scenery. Farms for days corn as far as the eye can see. Horse and buggies amish town and cities with some crazy ass names such as: Titsville, Intercourse, Bird in Hand, Blue balls. Really? Driving through the mountains is super nice.

Virginia Beach Trip

Took a work trip to VB 2 weeks ago to help out with the territory. So many shops in such a small area. Some of the shops are huge and are amazing supporters of Vans. Had a great time and a successful trip.
VB is a weird place. Filled with military steez, all day long fighter jets fly overhead and so rudely interupt your friendly conversations with people.
Signs on the street that tell you not to curse. FUCK that shit. And cars burning. My flight was delayed 3 hours so we took a trip into Norfolk which was really nice.
VB Ill see you in a week again for the VansxCoastal Edge block party.