Monday, June 29, 2009

Great Talents should not be passed by

Amatuer Athlete Summer Jam

June 28 2009
Year 2 for this event. Headed out to Bethlehem PA for the annual Amateur Athlete event. Good times. We had a big crew out which was awesome. 3 car loads 8 riders killing it on the set up. Unfortunately guess what... It rained. spent 8 hours in the truck to be there for 2 hours. Oh well we tossed out a butt load of product the kids were siked thats all that really matters. Thanks to all our riders that came out.

Left to Right: Brett Conti,Dylan James,Luke Malaney,Keith Denley,Rob Ganyon,Kurtis Rapp,Shaun Powers,Roy Kintzel

Hastings about to get mauled

Go Skateboard Day NYC 2009

June 27 2009 MADNESSS!!! As always...Cottle and I took a drive down to Black Diamond Mountain Sports, a shop in Moorestown NJ. They were having a "Skatefest". We checked out the scene,hooked them up with a grip of schwag and started making our way back up to BK to hit up KCDC for the culmination of go skate day. The scene was craze. Hundreds of kids lining the streets skating and waiting for what else????....... FREE SHIT as they were screaming as we were about to toss product off the roof of KCDC. Thats right the roof. Id say a good 4 stories high we proceeded to throw tees glasses decks of cards and decks. WOW. Safe... I think not. Fun.... I think so. It was awesome. You better stand strong in a NY product toss. Youll get punched in the face from some kid trying to snatch that board you just caught. Hit up the BQE spot after well quick then caught a dope shot of the most amazing skyline ever..

Ft Lauderdale to Miami

Last week I took a trip to Florida to well and help break in our new SE visual merchansider Cullen. Good guy. Hit up a bunch of shops(IWS, MIA) met some good peoples. And apparently the rain followed me down there too. After a 104 degree day there were some serious thunderstorms. We went to this crazy hunting and fishing store. The whole place was set up like an underwater ship wreck. This shop that had a flowrider wave in it.
Apparently in FL you can gamble on the game of Jai Alai so there are signs on the streets telling you where you can get that accomplished. Ran into a random girl kitted out in Vans. Thanks lady!

Manic Manicans

When someone ordered these things did they really think they looked like a good visual tool to motivate people to buy things. CREEEPPYYYY. Hey kid why the long face?

Rainy June

So maybe this is what the biblical flood really is. Its rained over 9 inches in the month of may. The average... drum roll please.........3. The grass is green the flowers are blooming but my hair is all messed up from all this rain. Events cancelled left and right. This month has taken me through NY NJ PA DE W.VA VA MD and trip to Florida and tomorrow Virginia Beach. Finally got to see my homeboys' shop Pitcrew. What up Tim and Mal. Best shop in the area. Super good peoples. So glad we got to stop in.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vans Book Signing BK NY

We had a Q and A and book signing for the Vans book yesterday at the Powerhouse Arena in Dumbo Brooklyn. Steve Van Doren, Tony Alva and Steve Caballero were on hand to answer questions and sign the new book. Really good turn out. People were super siked. I know i was.

Hecticness on the Road

When weather conditions get taken into consideration this job gets real hectic and sometimes dangerous. Especially living in the NY metro area. Its inevitable that Im going to run into traffic due to construction but usually an accident. Heres a pic of the rain conditions yesterday that had me sitting in an hour of traffic. I think I passed at least 5 accidents yesterday. Sheeeesh

4th Annual Throggs Neck Contest

Up in the Boogie Down BX.
These kids got laced with tons of Vans gear. Some lucky winners are even getting some new kicks.

Back to the Banks / Bobby Worrest Party

Back to the banks is always a shit show. In a good way. Its amazing to see how many people come out for this.
Speaking of shit show. Good times a Bobby Worrests' shoe release party. The floor on the roof started to cave in. Not cool.