Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RIP Josh Link

One of my best friends Josh passed away yesterday. Weve known eachother for about 15 years. First met at his parents house. I had a blonde afro and a big silver bubble jacket. He thought I was a thug until I opened my mouth and voiced how I was siked that he was Jewish too. Hes like this guys a teddy bear hes no thug. We had such an awesome friendship we could tell eachother anything. Even if it was harsh we knew it was with love. An incredible DJ and an amazing friend. Smiles and good times whenever hes around. We had some crazy and late nights in the Houston St apt. It was the size of a closet and I would stay over there quit often to eliminate the train ride home from work. Road Trips. Stopping at a fireworks warehouse last year Josh says... and I quote " I only want to get like bottle rockets and firecrackers.YEAHHH RIGHTTT!! An hour later the vehicle is filled to the top with about 800 dollars worth of explosives. Listening to music, filling up the ipod. Going out at night. A Tim McGraw cologne release party? Dude this stuff smells like cow shit and leather boots. We both had a man crush on him.Seinfeld,Gossip Girls,Transformers. nerd alert nerd alert. hahaha. Sooo many memories my mind cant even think of right now.
.Man Im gonna miss him so much my heart is numb. Ive never felt this way in my life. There is another angel up in the skies. His name is DJ Josh Link and hes playing bangin tunes for everyone to smile and dance to.
I love you man and will miss you an infathomable amount.