Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Joey Lufkin

Tonys most amazing backyard mini ramp. Its name Joey Lufkin. Had a little sesh the other day. Here is some footy of Mr. Sassa ripping it.

Summers gone Autumn is here

What the what??????? How is it October already. Where did summer go and why is my down comforter on my bed already. Another quick summer. Lots of traveling, and lots of big things. East Coast Surfing Championships in Virginia Beach. Over 150,000 people during that weekend. insane. Straight to Puerto Rico. Always a great time. great work great people great scenery Tanner Jam estimated 400 people in attendance over the course of the 2 days. Downtown Showdown. Sheeeeeshhhh. Probably one of the most amazing concepts for a contest ever!!! Enough said peep the pics.